Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Home is God's Home

This month, DaySpring and (In)Courage graciously gave me wall art to review. The Where You Go I Will Go Wall Art was given to me free by them to review but the opinions are all my own. If you need some great items to remind you of God and your home then check out the Inspired Deals on (In)Courage...

The process of decorating my home and making it feel like a sanctuary has been my passion ever since I married my sweet husband 5 years ago. Growing up, we moved a lot, so we never really made roots by painting the walls, and hanging lots of pictures. I knew that when I got married that I wanted our home to be a place that you would want to come over to and you felt God's presence there.

So when we moved into our home, my sweet husband and I prayed that the Lord would make this home His. That people would feel calm and refreshed being in our home. That there would be something different when you came and when you left. We wanted believer's and non-believers alike to feel God in our home. The Where you Go I Will Go Plaque is a perfect addition to our dining room modern country feel.

What I like most about this plaque is that it reminds me of what the scripture in Ruth is trying to say. Ruth changed her allegiance for Naomi, she no longer belonged with her lineage and chose to be apart of Naomi's family. This is much like us when the Lord captures our hearts and He has adopted us as His daughters. We are no longer orphans, but we have been adopted as part of His family.

These plaques are a daily reminder that not only am I Gods, but so is my husband, and my sweet daughter. That our allegiance is with Him and we no longer belong to the world to fend for ourselves. It reminds me to pray for my daughter that the Lord will save her and reminds me to be an ambassador for Christ as we serve guests. It reminds me that this home and our lives are for His glory and His alone.

My prayer is that everything in our home is a reminder of what God has done for our family and just being in our home makes you relax. The Where You Go I Will Go Art helps unify our Dining room and share with everyone who comes in our doors that if we are a child of God's we are part of his lineage now. My prayer is that these wall plaques will get our non-believing neighbors to ask questions and the gospel will be proclaimed during dinner time or game night or whatever else is in store to love on them.

If you like scripture on your wall that adds to the character of your home than this is the plaque for you. The brown and blue colors should match most decors. My hope is that it too will remind you that you now belong to the King.

*Thank you once again DaySpring and (In)Courage for the privilege to review one of your great products. This is my first DaySpring product and it won't be my last. It is such a good reminder to me that this is God's home*

Friday, April 1, 2011

May the Lord bless this Business!

Hi friends,

Once you come to my blog whoever you are we are friends. I have been debating for weeks what to write as my first post for my first "Mommy Business". I currently have a full time job I love, but I wanted something where we could make some extra money for adoption, home repairs, and the church. The Lord then birthed Pea Pod Diaper Cakes out of this dream of mine to use my craft skills for His Good.

Pea Pod Diaper Cakes is "specialized diaper cakes for the savvy momma". When I started seeing diaper cakes out there. I saw a lot of ones that we were expensive and didn't have what a new mom needs. I wanted to make my diaper cakes modern with common things a new mommy needs.

That is why Pea Pod Diaper Cakes only uses the best diapers, best pacifiers, and best trinkets. When you buy a Pea Pod Diaper Cake you will get quality and usefulness. When my daughter was born I was so thankful for all the gifts that were given to us. Of all the gifts I received diapers and teething rings were my favorite. I used them every day and it was always fun to find more diapers hiding when you are down to the last pack.

Pea Pod Diaper Cakes has been creative out of a dream of mine. A dream to make a useful gift for new mommas look cute. You can give diapers in a box and that friend will be happy, but giving diapers that look like a cute cake will make them feel special.

So order your own Pea Pod Diaper Cake and have the most creative useful gift at the party!