Friday, April 1, 2011

May the Lord bless this Business!

Hi friends,

Once you come to my blog whoever you are we are friends. I have been debating for weeks what to write as my first post for my first "Mommy Business". I currently have a full time job I love, but I wanted something where we could make some extra money for adoption, home repairs, and the church. The Lord then birthed Pea Pod Diaper Cakes out of this dream of mine to use my craft skills for His Good.

Pea Pod Diaper Cakes is "specialized diaper cakes for the savvy momma". When I started seeing diaper cakes out there. I saw a lot of ones that we were expensive and didn't have what a new mom needs. I wanted to make my diaper cakes modern with common things a new mommy needs.

That is why Pea Pod Diaper Cakes only uses the best diapers, best pacifiers, and best trinkets. When you buy a Pea Pod Diaper Cake you will get quality and usefulness. When my daughter was born I was so thankful for all the gifts that were given to us. Of all the gifts I received diapers and teething rings were my favorite. I used them every day and it was always fun to find more diapers hiding when you are down to the last pack.

Pea Pod Diaper Cakes has been creative out of a dream of mine. A dream to make a useful gift for new mommas look cute. You can give diapers in a box and that friend will be happy, but giving diapers that look like a cute cake will make them feel special.

So order your own Pea Pod Diaper Cake and have the most creative useful gift at the party!

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  1. This is so exciting Kristen, do have pictures of ones that you have made already?